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These two are inseparable in almost every type of visual media that we have. If you dont know much about journalism or publishing design i understand how tricky it can be.

Yearbook Caption Writing Tips Assignment And Peer Editing Activity

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A Simple Approach To Great Captions

Dont state the obvious.

Yearbook caption examples.
Flip open any yearbook page and chances are you wont just see a spread full of photographs.
Captions direct quotes from individuals in the photo add depth.
Of course yearbooks are no exception.

The best yearbook captions tell a great story like highlighting the winning touchdown at the state championship football game or the moment the senior girls jumped into the fountain on their class trip.
When direct quotes are used in captions these first person accounts bring photos to life and add a human perspective.
People put a lot of thought into naming their children and even their pets.

Dont state the obvious.
Of course yearbooks are no exception.
Clubs music sports etc.

Theyre full of creative captions that help bring images to life.
Every picture must have a caption.
Column 3 insert the photo and its link.

Weve put together some tips for how to get the brain juices flowing when it comes to choosing your title and also some great title ideas weve come across this year.
Yearbooks are more than just a collection of photos.
Yearbook advisers have to balance several tasks at once from teaching and managing a staff to running a business and monitoring deadlines.

They can be referenced as senior girls volleyball team or yearbook staff if its just a candid group of students you need not caption them as students just hanging out remember that captions should inform readers of info they cant glean from looking at the photo.
Joke captions should be avoided.
As fusions customer happiness specialist i have received quite a number of emails about how to put captions on the page.

The only posed photos in your yearbooks should be group photos.
Captions should always answer the 5ws.
These two are inseparable in almost every type of visual media that we have.

Its a place where you find eye catching headlines short paragraphs and witty captions that really tell the behind the scenes story of the page.
As in stories direct quotes are preferred over indirect quotes.
Read on and youll learn why a great yearbook caption benefits your reader what the characteristics of a great caption are what great captions look like with real live yearbook examples and how you can write great captions yourselffor every photo every time.

Column 1 identify the yearbook section.
Thats because a yearbook is more than just a book of photos.
Teach your students the basics of caption writing with these caption writing tips.

Column 2 name the photo album where the photo can be found.
Not all captions require or call for the use of quotes.
Well this yearbook is your baby so you want to give it a name that lives up to its content.

Transcript of yearbook captions.
Make your job easier by following some basic lesson plan ideas for yearbook advising.
The same students are not stuck writing the captions because everyone practices the skill.

The photo will be sized to the column width.
Quotes capture the thoughts of those who were part of the event.
To obtain real facts interview the people in your photos.

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