Word Add Caption

Add your own pic to the document by hitting insert and then selecting picture. You can also right click on the image and select insert caption from the popup menu.

How To Add A Caption To A Table In Word 8 Steps With Pictures

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How To Add A Caption To A Graphic In A Word 2010 Document Dummies

To add a caption select a picture in your document and click the references tab.

Word add caption.
Step 1 select the table you want to add the caption tostep 2 right click and select caption from the context menu that appears.
The caption dialog box appearsstep 3 if the caption dialog box does not appear click insert point to reference and then select caption.
To add text to the image right click on the image and then click insert caption.

Note that you are able to select your image from one drive dropbox and any other cloud drive.
Select the figuretableequation right click and select insert caption.
Select the object table equation figure or another object that you want to add a caption to.

Caption pictures in word documents.
There are two ways to add a caption.
On the references tab in the captions group click insert caption.

This method works only for figures and tables not equations select the figuretableequation go to the references tab on the ribbon and select insert caption.
Now go ahead and select your image from your hard drive.
Word click the picture you want to add a caption to.

Click references insert caption.
To use the default label figure type your caption in the caption box.
In the captions section click insert caption.

In the label list select the label that best describes the object such as a figure or equation.