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Caption translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or tv program. The latin root of caption is capito which means seizing or holding.

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Captionnoun that part of a legal instrument as a commission indictment etc which shows where when and by what authority it was taken found or executed.

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What does caption means.
Usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.
In the legal world a caption is the title of a document.
The explanatory comment or designation accompanying a pictorial illustration.

You know the online photo of your baby cousin face planting into a cake.
Caption used as a verb is very rare.
Provide with a caption as of a photograph or a drawing familiarity information.

The part of a legal document that shows where when and by what authority it was taken found or executed.
It is also a line displaying the dialogue and description of action situations along the bottom of the screen for a movie or television show.
A caption is a brief description accompanying an illustration.

Caption verb the verb caption has 1 sense.
Captionnoun the act of taking or arresting a person by judicial process.
A caption is a short explanation that accompanies an article photograph or illustration.

The description underneath it that says hughs first birthday thats the caption.
Caption used as a noun is uncommon.
Caption definition a title or explanation for a picture or illustration especially in a magazine.

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The heading especially of an article or document.
Interlingual rendition translation version rendering a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language.

Read the caption for the names of the people in the picture.

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