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Using my tv remote i can turn an additional closed captioning feature on and off leading me to think that the problem is with the remote for the set top box. Whether youre hard of hearing or just want a little more clarity when trying to make out quiet or mumbled dialogue the closed captioning setting can help.

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To do this push the menu button on the remote control.

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Suddenlink closed caption.
Close captionon or off since turning close caption on the text is always appearing in the middle of the faces on the screen or worst now im watching sunday night football and the freaking.
The closed captioning option will probably be in the same section as the language function.
My suddenlink tv programming includes closed captioning on each station.

To do this press power and menu buttons together menu 2 times to bring up a special menu.
How do i turn off closed captioning on my suddenlink reciever.
How to turn on captions on your lg tv.

Locate the closed captioning option in your televisions menu if there is no cc button on your remote.
Set the closed captioning option to on.
If you have the suddenlink remote and the dvr box you can turn captions on or off by accessing a technical menu.

Select your remote below for information on how to operate and program.
First of all press the menu button on your suddenlink remote control.
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Now find the closed captioning option on your remote.
Suddenlink recently downloaded a new software update to my dvr reciever and now i cant figure out how to turn off closed captioning.
Altice one press home or a on your remote to bring up the main menu and select settings.

It is not clear how to turn off closed captioning on the set top box.
Now go to the accessibility section.
Follow the steps to turn on closed caption on via suddenlink remote control.

On the popup menu select closed captions and using select button change to off or on as you wish.
Can you provide me with some assistance.

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