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Placing orders using the jw player rev integration. These are the boxes within dash that you create to enter text such as dialogue or atmospherics.

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Formal and informal contractions in transcription for non verbatim.

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Rev caption style guide.
A quick start guide for captions.
Heres a walkthrough of your first order with rev.
A unit of text that is shown on screen.

You must have strong english language skills and be able to accurately caption audio.
7 rules of captioning we want to delight our customers with high quality captions.
What made it worse is usually the emails say if you dont agree with this grade you can challenge it by clicking here etc.

Its easy to order captions and transcriptions with rev.
Customersteachers business owners students and everything in betweenrely on your accurate and timely captions as a crucial part of their daily work.
November 13 2017 recent updates to the style guide.

Then when i logged into rev i couldnt even get to the caption style guide to see if what i believed was correct.
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To say i was hot is putting it mildly.
We trust you to deliver high quality work.
Transcription style guide extras.

We ask you to take a grammar quiz and submit a caption sample prior to being approved to caption with rev.
Captioning quality and the metrics system our way of ensuring freelancer quality.
Navigating to captions screen.

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Here are guidelines on how to ensure your caption sample meets the quality standards expected by customers.

Captioners do not need demonstrated prior.
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A caption group includes the timing of when to display its text during the video.
Customer support jw player integration.

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