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While powerpoint makes it simple to insert an image onto the ppt slides you may want to take the extra step to also include a caption. For example if you want to put a caption under a photo in one of your slides open that presentation and.

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Powerpoint initially places the picture filename in the caption but you can delete this caption and enter one of your own.

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Powerpoint add caption to image.
To add image click insert option and then click picture.
For other office apps its a little trickier and involves adding a text box and then grouping the text box and pictureand if you have multiple pictures in a series youll have to manually track and increase the numbers.
How to insert a text caption in an image ms office.

Click on the click to add title.
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To add captions to your photo album follow these steps.

You can place captions under the pictures in your powerpoint photo album.
The insert caption feature in word does most of the heavy lifting for you when you want to add a caption to a picture.
Launch powerpoint and open a presentation with an object that youd like to caption.

Place the pointer in the required place on the image and then type your text.
Open microsoft excel and navigate to your spreadsheet.
Adding photo captions into spreadsheets.

To add text to the image click the insert tab and then hit text box.
How to add a new picture with caption slide in powerpoint 365 linnets how to.

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