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There are two ways to add a caption. Word click the picture you want to add a caption to.

Microsoft Word Insert Caption 1

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Microsoft Word Insert Caption 2

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Microsoft Word Insert Caption 3

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Here you can type the number of your caption or type a new name for your object.

Microsoft Word Insert Caption 4

Microsoft word insert caption.
Right click and select caption from the context menu that appears.
Now for inserting cross reference for an image select the text where you want to insert cross reference and move to cross reference dialog.
As well see you can add other caption labels beyond the three word defaults.

Under for which caption select the caption of the desired figure and click insert.
From reference type select figure.
In the caption dialog box enter.

If you insert a new caption word automatically updates the caption numbers.
When you add captions using insert caption microsoft word numbers them automatically according to the label assigned eg figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 and so on.
However if you delete or move a caption you must manually start a caption update.

To use the default label figure type your caption in the caption box.
Through to this step you start to add or insert caption in your document.
How to add a caption to a table in word steps select the table you want to add the caption to.

If the caption dialog box does not appear click insert point to reference and then select caption.
The caption figure is really a catch all name for anything not a table or equation.
However if you dont want to use this numbering system eg if you want captions in your dissertation to include the chapter number.

Select the figuretableequation right click and select insert caption.
Now it is time to make a table of figures in.
Click anywhere in the document and press ctrla to select the entire document.

How to add format delete caption in microsoft word 2016 step 1.
Click references insert caption.