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I dont think ive ever done an age regression caption before so it was an interesting thing to try though i relied on the image to convey it more than the words. My contribution to this months caption contest at rachels haven.

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Loli caption.
Most have made there way around the internet.
The term loli is used on 4chan to refer to girls who appear to be pre pubescent aka petite.
Its also heavily inspired by a story called back to school that i read on fictionmania some time ago.

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Caption author korean loli tga 2 ゆうた.
Futa dominating men in a world of addictive futacum.

Posted by unknown posted on 113000 am well first day so a first caption is in order.
Some are just plain awesome.
She put walls around her to protect herself from others and to protect others from the things haunting her past.

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The lolita host and the new girl.
Caption author vietnamese loli tga 2 ゆうた.

Bubblegum sneakers and a headache.
In the future i will try and adopt my own style but for now its best to.
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Caption author arabic loli tga 2 ゆうた.
Within the anime fandom the term loli is often used to refer to any girl that meets the aforementioned criteria regardless of sexualisation or lack thereof.
The word is derived from lolicon a japanese term which is itself an abbreviation of lolita complex.

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Sadly i still have one more year in this hell tiag.
High school is the best four years of your life but for me the only happy part is graduation the day that i will never see anyone ever again.

High where theres a 31 ratio of girls to boys.
Shes a 12 year old girl in distress.
I wanted to do a mutlicap for this first try in the format that elena taught me.

Its written from his side of the story and shes dating this 60 year old.
Caption author thai loli tga 2 ゆうた.
I took a whole class on lolita.

Mitsukuni haninozuka love story she was the short expressionless new student from america.

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