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Usepackagemultirow begintable centering captionmy caption labelmy label. You can change the fonts numbering style alignment and format of the captions and the caption labels.

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Latex offers the table and tabular environment for table creation.

Latex table caption.
Formatting captions and subcaptions in latex t he captions for figures tables subfigures and subtables in latex can be customized in various ways using the caption and subcaption packages.
Labeltable1 if you need to refer the table within your document set a label with this command.
The tables produced with this style look more like the tables you can see in the books scientific articles and newspapers.

If you want more control over figure placement you can use placement specifiers as described in this section of the latex wikibook.
For more professionally looking tables you probably want to try booktabs package.
All you need to do is use the caption text command within the float environment.

However some editors require the caption to be placed below the table.
The tabular is the de facto way of presenting tabular data in latex.
Add the caption macro before or after the tabular.

Contentsshow basic example please add the following required packages to your document preamble.
Usually a table caption goes above a table.
End tabular caption label tabtable name your caption end table note that the table environment will also let the figure float to where latex thinks it should go.

Fortunately this is very simple in latex.
Furthermore once put into latex tables the data can not be plotted anymore and is not in a useful form in general.
Default or booktabs table style.

A table caption is added through the caption macro which automatically numbers the table.
It is always good practice to add a caption to any figure or table.
For this reason the next lesson shows you how to generate tables from csv files which can be exported from excel and other tools automatically.

You can place it above or below the table.
Captiontable to test captions and labels as you may expect this command sets the caption for the table if you create a list of tables this caption will be used there.
Latex will automatically keep track of the numbering of figures so you do not need to include this within the caption text.

Click generate button to see the generated tables latex source code select it and copy to your document.

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