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However the css properties text align and caption side can be used to align and place the caption. Specifies the url of an image.

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The figcaption element is often nested within a figure element to add a caption to the content identified by the figure tags.

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Img tag caption.
This technique may expose bugs in some browsers from before 2003 especially when combined with scaling the image.
Which means in this case that it matches the second p of the figure the one that contains the caption.
Specifies image sizes for different page layouts.

While it has a tag its for adding a label to a table not for images.
Use a figure element to mark up a photo in a document.
Specifies the whitespace on left and right side of an image.

The html web programming language doesnt offer a specific tag for adding a caption to an image.
Specifies a url to a detailed description of an image.
Captions can be translated by software images cant which immediately opens up your images to being understood by an international audience.

The figcaption tag defines a caption for a figure element.
The source for this interactive example is stored in a github repository.
The html img element embeds an image into the document.

Putting the caption on top in html4.
The causes the rule to match a p that follows another p.
What does figure html tag do.

It is a replaced element.
You can specify only one caption per table.
Specifies an image as a server side image map.

The figcaption element can be placed as the first or last child of the figure element.
The figure element can also contain a figcaption.
Specifies the url of the image to use in different situations.

There are two ways to.
The html figcaption or figure caption element represents a caption or legend describing the rest of the contents of its parent figure element.
It is professional you expect journals books and magazines to correctly caption their images why shouldnt people expect it from your website.

The figure element identifies self contained content related to the main content such as an image table or chart.
By default a table caption will be center aligned above a table.

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