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The caption contains a description of the image and a credit line. If you dont want to clutter your captions there are two ways to hide your hashtags.

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Usually it would be just the size of the artwork itself not the mat or frame.

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How to caption artwork.
Works of art can be cited using this format but include the publication citation for where the image.
In the label list select the label that best describes the object such as a figure or equation.
The citation contains enough information as necessary to locate the image.

Straight from ram heres exactly what you should be including in the captions for all of your creative work.
Repeat those steps at least five times.
Image captions captions appear below the image and typically begin with the abbreviation for figure fig then followed by assigned arabic numerals and a brief description.

Separate your hashtags from the rest of your caption by burying them beneath periods and line breaks.
How to caption art.
An entry in the works cited list is not necessary if an image caption provides complete information about the source and it is.

If the list doesnt provide the label you want click new label type the new label in the label box and then click ok.
For dots it is used a small diameter not exceeding 2 mm.
On the references tab in the captions group click insert caption.

We gathered over 30 artsy instagram captions you can use if youre posting a photo on social media.
These captions and quotes give art inspiration and reflection to your image no matter how it is because art is creativity.
You can list both the artwork size and the outer frame size if you wish that way if someone knows their wall size its easy to determine if the work will fit.

Caption turn your digital photos into personalized art prints in minutes save up to 50.
To create large drawings and how to caption art larger tools are used.
Explore over 100 designs and choose from a black white or rustic frame.

Dots are often called spot brush but with a round rod it can easily draw not only points but also the geometric abstraction floral patterns lace ornaments and other compositions.
If the image is of a piece of art include information about the artist and location of the artwork in the caption.
Select return and then enter a period dash or asterisk.

Caption art prints print your own custom artwork shutterfly.
If citing a work of art you should check with the guidelines from the art bulletin and college art association.
If the project youre showcasing was done for a prestigious university well known brand or relevant company for the type of work you want to be getting more of you absolutely need to mention your clients name.

Once youve finished composing your caption tap the 123 key.
A picture always expresses so many different words so it will be amazing to see these put into the right caption.