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Closed captioned definition of a television program film or video distributed with synchronized transcription of speech and written descriptions of other relevant audio elements as for the hearing impaired that are visible only when the option to display them is selected. Freebase 000 0 votesrate this definition.

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The definition of closed captioning in this context is different from television as it refers to any technology that allows as few as one member of the audience to view the captions.

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Closed caption means.
Closed captioning is a subtitle service using text imbedded into a television broadcast.
Closed captioning and subtitling are both processes.
Closed captioned definition is broadcast with captions that appear only on the screen of a receiver equipped with a decoder.

A closed caption is a type of auxiliary aid so their use has increased quite a bit over the last three decades.
Closed captioning was developed to aid hearing impaired people but its useful for a variety of situations.
The display of text on a television or video screen.

Captions should not exceed more than three lines of onscreen text.
Closed captions are a text version of the spoken part of a television movie or computer presentation.
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It is a requirement for all american broadcasters to provide the service.
But closed captioning was first introduced nearly 50 years ago.

Open captioning in a film theater can be accomplished through burned in captions projected text or bitmaps or rarely a display located above or below the movie screen.
Never repeat part of a caption if the audio does not represent the repetition.
Unlike open captions closed captions can be turned on or off thus the text is created prior to the screening.

The first preview was at the first national conference on television for the hearing impaired in 1971.
Closed captioning cc refers to the text version of the spoken words that accompany videos or movies so that us deaf and hard of hearing people can also enjoy watching movies.
Captions differ from subtitles in.

Closed caption best practices each caption regardless of length for example watch it should be viewable for.

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